Belgium: Mogherini advises against 'panic' over 'manageable' migration situation

The European Union's Foreign Affairs Representative Federica Mogherini advised against a «panic state of mind» over the migration crisis, as refugees numbers are «perfectly manageable», after arriving at EC summit on migration, on Thursday. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in turn said that NATO would assist the EU in curbing migration. Speaking about relations with Russia he said that... Еще it's important to «manage a difficult relationship» as he sees dialogue not a «sign of weakness, dialogue is the sign of strength.» Stoltenberg praised a «dual-track approach» towards NATO's eastern neighbours Russia, calling it as «defence and dialogue» tactic. Leaders of the 28 European Union (EU) member states arrived to Brussels for a European Council summit between June 28 and 29. The summit is expected to focus on migration, as well as economic and financial reform. It follows a mini-summit on migration with leaders from 16 EU member states, which took place on June 24. The summit did not result in a comprehensive plan to deal with the migrant crisis, with no formal statement issued following the meeting.

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