Belgium: Migrants sleep rough in makeshift camp in central Brussels park

Local resident (English): «Yeah I think a lot more could be done so that they don’t have to stay out in parks and live like that. That’s kind of more my worry than why are they here and things like that. It’s that they’re not being taken care of». Migrants from countries such as Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan are sleeping rough in a makeshift camp in a park in downtown Brussels, just 15 minutes... Еще away from the European Commission building, as showin in footage shot Thursday. Reportedly, just a few weeks ago there was only a handful of people staying in the area, yet many more have now arrived to shelter in the camp. Some of the migrants are not happy about the situation, saying that the food they receive is not sufficient and the bad weather makes sleeping outside a difficult. One migrant expressed his desire to move to the UK, a country where he hoped he might have a better life. Local residents voiced their concerns about the situation. One resident said she was scared of the migrants since she does «not know their intentions». Others believed the migrants were not being properly looked after and «more should be done» in order to solve the problem.
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