Belgium: Merkel, Macron stress need for greater EU solidarity on migration

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed on the necessity of more internal EU solidarity on the issue of migration, during a joint press conference at the end of a European Council session in Brussels on Thursday. Regarding the debate on migration, Merkel said “we have to work more on this aspect: it cannot be that in Europe there is solidarity in some sectors... Еще but no solidarity at all in others. That does not work together.» Macron echoed Merkel’s statement, adding that “we cannot limit solidarity only to a dimension of international intervention.” The French president defined June 2018 as a prospective month for EU summit conclusions on the migrant crisis. “We will therefore work together in order to have a veritable agreement at external and internal levels,” Macron said. Regarding Eurozone reform, the leaders agreed on aiming to reach a common position by March 2018. March 2018 was also mentioned by Macron regarding Brexit negotiations, as a deadline to have “very precise” sector-by-sector conclusions that will inform future EU-UK relations.

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