Belgium: Madrid accuses Russian hackers of meddling in Catalan vote

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis stated that Madrid believed that Russian online hackers had interfered in Catalonia's independence referendum in October, in a bid to destabilise Spain. Dastis made the statement at a press conference in Brussels, Monday. Dastis said that of all «fake social media accounts» detected by Spain, 50 percent allegedly originated from Russia while 30 percent... Еще from Venezuela. He accused these accounts of «multiplying inexact information» in the build-up to the October 1 Catalan vote. Dastis added that he would not be surprised if something similar happened around the December 21 regional elections in Catalonia, as he said «it would follow a pattern that has occurred in other elections.» Catalonia's separatist leaders have firmly denied any Russian interference in the vote.

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