Belgium: Lockdown looms on Brussels as locals grapple with coronavirus crisis

Brussels landmarks were deserted as locals instead queued in front of supermarkets to shop for groceries as the coronavirus lockdown went into effect on Wednesday noon. Police monitored the situation and military personnel patrolled the streets. «They had just put down a palette of flour and I saw people fighting over it. I turned around and all the flour was gone. People were fighting for flour... Еще. You are kidding me or what?» said a local speaking of the panic shopping. Balou, a homeless local, talked about the gloomy situation for those left on the streets amid the COVID-19 crisis saying, «Unfortunately, we were the last to be warned. Even the homeless police did not come to see us. They were supposed to come yesterday. Even they didn't show up. No help, no protection for us.» Belgium will remain on lockdown until April 5. People are only allowed to leave homes to buy food or medicine and assist a person in need.

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