Belgium: Kurz predicts 'turnaround' in migrant policy at key EU summit

SOT, journalist (Italian): «Can Italy put a veto?» SOT, Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister (Italian): «It is a possibility I do not want to consider but should we come down to that, we won't get to any shared conclusions from my part.» Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz expected to see a 'turnaround' in European Union (EU) migration policy in a statement to journalists in Brussels on... Еще Thursday, ahead of a key summit. «It seems that a turnaround in migration policy might be reached today. And it's very important, because we've been demanding a system change for years,» said Kurz. Germany's Angela Merkel, who has been under domestic pressure to tackle migration, admitted that «protection of external borders» would be discussed. A group of Eastern European countries, led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has led calls to end migration in order «to restore European democracy.» New Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte also refused to rule out vetoing any migration deal reached by the EU-28. Leaders of the 28 EU member states arrived to Brussels for a European Council summit between June 28 and 29. The summit is expected to focus on migration, as well as economic and financial reform. The meeting follows a mini-summit on migration with leaders from 16 EU member states, which took place on June 24. The summit did not result in a comprehensive plan to deal with the migrant crisis, with no formal statement issued following the meeting.

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