Belgium: Juncker refuses to play 'blame game' leaving deal on table

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said he did not exclude the possibility of reaching a last minute deal with the UK during a speech at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday. «We are, Michel and myself, working on a deal and we are not accepting this blame game which started in London. We are not to be blamed,» Juncker said. «There is not only a parliament in... Еще Westminster, which has to agree, there is a parliament here. Without the agreement of the European Parliament, nothing will be possible.» The EU's Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier was less sanguine about the difficulties of finding one. «Brexit, today, is creating, as we know and I've been saying so for three years, concrete, specific, serious problems, first and foremost in Ireland,» he said. «And when it comes to concrete, precise, serious, immediate problems created by Brexit, we need operational, specific legally binding solutions for both parties today and not tomorrow.» Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage excoriated the two in response. «We are not dealing with people acting in good faith. Yes, that means you, Mr Barnier. You're not looking for solutions, you're looking to put obstacles in our way,» he said, also accusing German Chancellor Angela Merkel of «attempting to annex a part of our nation.»

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