Belgium: 'In comparison with Trump, Bush is a Nobel laureate' — Ecuador's former President Correa

Former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, predicted that the policies of US President Donald Trump could lead to a revival of left-wing governments in Latin America, during an interview on October 5 from Brussels. «The vast majority of competent, progressive and independent left governments came to power during Bush`s presidency. Bush appeared to be so unsophisticated and it enabled to... Еще strengthen Latin America's unity. In comparison with Trump, Bush is a Nobel laureate. I think, Trump can also trigger a similar reaction,» stated the former world leader. For Correa, the ongoing situation in Catalonia is a quite complicated matter without «concrete resolution». He remarked that this might spark a similar chain of events in other European regions like, Northern Italy, the Basque Country and Flanders. Following, Correa pointed out that one of the problems of the EU is that «the decision-making process is very complicated» and he warns that «Europe will have to make some very important decisions in the coming years».
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