Belgium: 'I think they like me a lot' — Trump on planned protests ahead of UK trip

Donald Trump, US President: «I think it's fine. I mean I think they like me a lot in the UK. I think they agree with me on immigration. I'm very strong on immigration. I made a point today. I said you've got to stop. You're ruining your... you're going to have a lot of problems. You see what's going on throughout the world with immigration. I probably, at least, partially won an election because... Еще of immigration. If you look at Italy, [Prime Minister] Giuseppe [Conte], who I got to know quite well over the last month and a half, he won his election because of strong immigration policies on Italy. I think that a lot of the people in the UK... I think that's why Brexit happened. Now I don't know what's going on with the negotiation, who knows, but I guess that's become a very interesting point of contention. I said I'm going to a few hotspots — we have NATO, then we have the UK, and then we have Putin. And I said Putin may be the easiest of them all. You never know. But I'm going to a pretty hotspot right now, Right? With a lot of resignations, but I will say that immigration is a very important thing, and I told them today the EU, the European Union, better be very careful because immigration is taking over Europe, and they better be very careful, and I said that loud and clear.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Donald Trump, US President: «Yeah. Just the opposite of concern. They actually and they'll probably come out with a little bit of an edict, but they actually thanked me for meeting with President Putin. I look forward to the meeting. They thanked me. They thought it was a great thing that I was doing it and they gave us our best wishes or their best wishes. Now, with that being said, we'll see what happens. Just a loose meeting. It's not going to be big schedule. I don't think it should take a very long period of time and we'll see where it leads. But it could lead to productive, something very productive, and maybe it's not. But I think meeting with people is great.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Donald Trump, US President: «Yes.» Journalist: Would you like to extend New [the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty] START. And will you raise concerns about violations of the IMF treaty?» Donald Trump, US President: «Yes.» Journalist: And as a follow-up to the NATO meeting today, will you suggest to him or would you consider stopping military exercises in the Baltic states if that's something that he requests?» Donald Trump, US President: «Perhaps we'll talk about that. But I will say that we are going to be talking about those three issues and many more, we'll be talking about it.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Donald Trump, US President: «Well, I can't tell you what would be the ultimate, what would be the ultimate. Well let's see. No more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world would be the ultimate. Okay? No more wars, no more problems, no more conflict. Let's find a cure to every disease known to mankind or womankind. That would be my ultimate, Okay? And we'll start from there.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Donald Trump, US President: «Congratulations, by the way, on soccer.» Journalist: «Thank you. We understand your message, but some people ask themselves, will you be tweeting differently once you're aboard Air Force One? Thank you.» Donald Trump, US President: «No, that's other people that do that. I don't. I'm very consistent. I'm a very stable genius.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Donald Trump, US President: «I would say there might be an escalation between us and the Iranians.» Donald Trump, US President: «By the way they're treating us with much more respect right now than they did in the past. And I think I know they're having a lot of problems, and their economy is collapsing. But I will tell you this — at a certain point they're

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