Belgium: 'He's not my enemy' — Trump on Putin ahead of Helsinki meeting

SOT, Journalist: «What if he denies it?» SOT, Donald Trump, President of the United States: «Well, he may, I mean look, he may, what am I going to do? He may deny it; it's one of those things. All I can do is say 'Did you? And don't do it again?' but he may deny it. You'll be the first to know. OK?» SOT, Donald Trump, President of the United States: «Oh, that's an interesting question because... Еще you know, long before I got here, President Obama allowed that to happen; that was on his watch, not on my watch you know. People like to say 'Oh, Crimea', but the fact is they built bridges to Crimea, they just opened a big bridge that was started years ago. They built I think a submarine port, substantially added billions of dollars. So that was on Barack Obama's watch, that was not on Trump's watch. Would I have allowed it to happen? No, I would not have allowed it to happen, but he did allow it to happen so that was his determination. What will happen with Crimea from this point on, that I can't tell you but I am not happy about Crimea, but again that was Barack Obama's watch not Trump's watch.» US President Donald Trump discussed some of the hot topics of the upcoming Helsinki meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin, during a presser at the annual NATO Summit in Brussels, Thursday. «He's a competitor. Somebody was saying, 'Is he an enemy?' He's not my enemy. 'Is he a friend?' No, I don't know him well enough but a couple of times that I've gotten to meet him, we got along very well, you saw that,» said Trump, speaking of Russian President Vladimir Putin. «He's not my enemy, and hopefully someday he maybe he'll be a friend, it could happen but I just don't know him very well; I've met him a couple of times,» added Trump.

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