Belgium: Firms fined over Isopropanol exports to Syria

The criminal court of Antwerp on Thursday, ordered three Belgian companies to pay a sum of €750,000 ($850,000) in damages over export of chemicals to Syria, which prosecutors claim could potentially be used in producing the nerve gas Sarin. AAE Chemie Trading, Anex Customs and Danmar Logistics in addition to a managing director and a manager reportedly failed to apply for necessary permits which... Еще allow for the regulated export of Isopropanol. «There are 24 shipments of chemicals between May 2014 and December 2016 in which 168 tonnes of Isopropanol were also exported to Syria and Lebanon,» said a lawyer representing AAE Chemie Trading which has since gone bankrupt. Isopropanol, known as rubbing alcohol, is used in disinfectants, paints and varnishes and is also the major component of the nerve gas Sarin.

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