Belgium: European Commission to 'prepare for all outcomes' of Brexit — EC spokesperson

European Commission spokesperson Mina Andreeva called on EU member states and private parties to increase preparations for all possible outcomes in Brexit negotiations at a press conference in Brussels, on Thursday Andreeva commented on the communication sent over to EU Member States «to step up preparations following a request, most recently last month by the European Council and leaders, in... Еще its article 50 formation to intensify preparedness at all levels and to prepare for all outcomes.» She added that «we as the Commission are working day and night for a deal, it is clear that the United Kingdom's withdraw will have repercussions with or without a deal and that's why everybody, in particular economic operators, needs to be prepared.» This happened on the same day in which British conservative MP Philip Davies submitted a letter of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May. Davies said he has «lost trust in her to deliver the referendum result» and will be waiting for the 48 threshold to see if it triggers a vote.

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