Belgium: EU Foreign Ministers show united front ahead of JCPOA meeting

French, British and German Foreign Ministers arrived in Brussels on Tuesday, to meet with his German and British counterparts regarding the course of the Iranian JCPOA deal after the US withdrawal. «The Vienna agreement exists, one of the partners has withdrawn the others are still in,» Le Drian said. The French Minister is meeting at first with his German and British counterparts and then... Еще with the Iranian party in order to discuss how to preserve the deal after the American withdrawal and provided that the Iranian side decides to «fully respect the agreement.» Mogherini expressed the importance of this agreement for the Iranian people, saying «There are also the economic benefits for the Iranian people that are coming out of the conclusion of the agreement.» Meanwhile, UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said that, while the UK would be standing by the agreement, the British government was still at odds with Iranian policies. «I want to express we're under no illusions about the stuff Iran gets up to in the region, in the Middle East. We have no illusions about Iran's disruptive behaviour but we think we can tackle those in other ways outside the JCPOA,» Johnson said.

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