Belgium: EU agrees on migration, advocates a 'more responsible Europe'

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte claimed on Thursday that a «more responsible and more supportive Europe» emerged as a result of the European Council summit in Brussels, adding that «defence of the borders» is a part of a new approach towards migration. «Article one says that who arrives in Italy, arrives in Europe» Conte stressed, adding that NGO's must not interfere with the operations of... Еще the Libyan Coast Guard. The Italian Prime Minister also mentioned «a new approach for what it has to do with the rescue operations at sea: from now on we foresee shared actions that must be coordinated between member states.» His counterparts Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and French President Emmanuel Macron both praised the reached agreement. Leaders of the 28 EU member states arrived to Brussels for a European Council summit between June 28 and 29. The summit focused on migration, as well as economic and financial reforms. The meeting followed a mini-summit on migration with leaders from 16 EU member states, which took place on June 24.

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