Belgium: Erdogan asks NATO for additional supports at Brussels meeting with Stoltenberg

Turkey requested additional support from NATO to help secure its border with Syria said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking to reporters alongside NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on Monday. «I emphasized the importance of the additional support we had requested from NATO and our allies to be provided as soon as possible. Turkey's Syria border is at the same time... Еще NATO's southeast border. Syria-centred crisis is a threat to our region and even the whole of Europe in terms of its security and humanitarian aspects,» said Erdogan. Commenting on the stand-off with the Greek government over migrants and refugees stuck at the border, Erdogan said: «It is unreasonable and irresponsible for an ally and a neighbouring country [Greece] to point out at Turkey as the responsible agent from the irregular wave of migration. I specifically told the secretary-general that we won't be allowing this country trying to enjoy any undeserved benefits taking advantage of the current situation and the European Union.» Stoltenberg stressed the importance of the alliance between NATO and Turkey, saying that the organisation would continue to support Turkey with «air and naval presence» and that he personally welcomed the «dialogue between Turkey and the European Union». Migrants and refugees have been trying to cross the Greek border in large numbers since Turkey announced on February 27 that it would no longer abide by the 2016 agreement with the EU to halt migration flows into the continent in return for aid.


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