Belgium: EC's Jourova claims 1,000 cases of Russian online disinformation since January

Belgium: EC's Jourova claims 1,000 cases of Russian online disinformation since January Vera Jourova, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, alleged that there have been 1000 cases of Russian involvement in the spreading of disiformation online since the beginning of the year. Jourova spoke in Brussels on Friday, at a press briefing on the fight against disinformation and the... Еще conclusions drawn from the European elections. «After a number of controversies around different elections and referenda, we became very aware about the potential risks related to this information: a use of personal data and foreign influence. And that's why we decided to act in relation, especially to European elections, but also to any further elections to come,» said Jourova. «The European elections were not free from disinformation. In fact, we saw a steady flow of disinformation, also spread by bots and fake accounts. And we observed that the bad actors are constantly changing tactics and are in for the long game. It looks like a new norm which is something we cannot accept. For instance, we saw that the Russian sources continue to be active with 1000 cases detected and exposed since January,» she added. Jourova also announced that a full report on the matter, as part of a wider battle against online disinformation, will be published in October, and it will include feedback from member states, political parties and IT platforms. «Our objective is to increase transparency, particularly to shine a light on the provenance of material so that citizens can form their own view, informed view, about what it is they're seeing,» said Julian King, EU Commissioner for the Security Union.

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