Belgium: Catalan’s Puigdemont to stay in Brussels «for the moment»

Deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and four other leaders will remain in Belgium they announced in Brussels on Wednesday, one day after an international arrest warrant was withdrawn. “The Spanish state is afraid of the world’s look,” said Puigdemont. He also added that the reason the Supreme Court withdrew the international arrest warrant is because “they know that the accusation of... Еще rebellion and sedition is not presentable nor applicable in European practices.” Former Catalan Minister Toni Comin stated: “We won and the Spanish state lost and the Spanish state is afraid of how it looks to the world. This is why they want to return this cause home because they are afraid of how it looks to the world.” “If we can go around the EU and, of course, to Spain, we don't have the answer to that yet, and when we have it, we will communicate it, but, for the moment, we will stay here,” said Puigdemont. The former Catalan cabinet members fled to Belgium after Article 155 was invoked by Spain. On Tuesday, a decision was announced by Spanish judge Pablo Llarena to withdraw the arrest warrant for the former Catalan leader and four other ex-ministers. Despite this, he and the four other former Catalan parliament members residing in Belgium could be arrested upon returning to Spain for their role in Catalonia's unlawful independence declaration.


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