Belgium: Activists hold mock «clean up» in protest at detention of refugees

Scores of protesters from various groups gathered outside Brussels' Parc Maximilien on Wednesday, to decry what they called «racist» policies against undocumented migrants. A spokesperson for the Conferderation of Christian Workers Union spoke out against the government's recent checks and arrests of undocumented migrants in the capital and said he believes «it [government policy] strategy is to... Еще create division, fear and racism among the working class in order to govern and divide them». A member of the Member of the Association of Undocumented Migrants in Belgium explained «migration policy of the Belgian government terrorises migrants through raids and repression,» and that he felt Belgium has «regressed to the 40s,» in refence to Nazi occupation. «The person that applies this policy, uses words like 'clean,' a word that reminds us of racist, xenophobic and fascist times; we have to denounce him.» The demonstrators carried out a mock street clean in protest against the government policies. Belgium has increased their checks of undocumented migrants in recent weeks due to a surge in people entering the country illegally, according to reports.
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