Belarus: «No political connotation» — Putin, Obama and Dalai Lama come together in Jesus fresco

An unusual fresco depicting what look like some of the world's most famous political and spiritual leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, former US President Barack Obama and spiritual leader Dalai Lama, appeared in the church of St. Anthony of Padua in the city of Vitebsk, Sunday. In the fresco, angels play bass and saxophone, however, the biggest surprise for worshippers was the... Еще scene of Adoration of the Infant Jesus. Men presenting gifts to the baby Christ look uncannily like Putin, Obama and Dalai Lama. The church representative, however, took a different view, «No need to look for any kind of political connotation,» he said before continuing, «The truth is that sooner or later everyone comes to worship Christ — whether rich or poor — because Christ is the Lord for every person.» The artist behind the controversial artwork is Vladimir Kondrusevich, who has painted the interiors of seven churches before creating the now famous St. Anthony of Padua church fresco.

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