Belarus: Ceasefire violations lower than before August 25 school armistice — OSCE Special Rep

OSCE Special Representative Martin Sajdik said of the situation in eastern Ukraine that «the level of violations of the ceasefire on average remains lower than before the armistice on August 25,» established due to the beginning of the school year, in Minsk, on Wednesday. Martin Sajdik went on to say «the contact group will make efforts to make the parties respect the indefinite ceasefire in... Еще order to avoid resumption of active hostilities in the autumn, as occurred at the end of the past two years.» Speaking about the exchange of detainees, he noted the transfer of «19 detained persons by the Donetsk region to Ukraine, [persons] not related to the conflict.» He stressed, «We hope that such a step will be taken also by Lugansk region.»
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