Belarus: 70-year-old German football fan heads to World Cup by tractor

A 70-year-old football fan from Germany is travelling to Moscow on his 82-year-old tractor, as seen in Mogilev on Friday. The retired Mercedes employee Gubert Wirt from Forchheim, Germany, has been travelling since mid-May on a 1936-year model Lanz Bulldog tractor to Russia through Poland and Belarus in order to join the international army of football fans during the FIFA World Cup. The man... Еще travels at an average speed of 15-20 km per hour and makes frequent stops, admiring the local scenery. He covers around 100 km daily. Wirt’s pet badger-dog is accompanying him on his unusual journey. The man left his wife as well as two adult children and a grandson back in Germany. The family was sympathetic to the man’s idea to get to Moscow by tractor since he has been travelling by his beloved Lanz Bulldog for two decades as a hobby. The German pensioner expects to arrive in Moscow on June 14, by the time of the World Cup opening ceremony. Wirt, reportedly, plans to finish his journey in early July. After Moscow, the brave traveller is going to visit St. Petersburg, then to Finland by ferry, and from there return to Germany by tractor.

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