Beat the heat! Japan's 'unmeltable' ice cream is put to test *TIMELAPSE*

Japanese scientists claim to have created an ice cream which doesn't melt, and video evidence filmed in Tokyo on Saturday almost backs them up. The ice cream only began to melt after 11 whole minutes in 26 degree heat, and took a further 20 minutes to completely disintegrate. So how was this life-changing innovation created? Like most great inventions, almost by accident. It turns out that... Еще strawberries which were ruined in Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami contained polyphenol liquid which solidifies when it comes into contact with dairy products, as a pastry chef found out when he was tasked with doing something with the damaged goods. Scientists deduced that polyphenol liquid could be used to make dairy popsicles which could survive in hotter conditions than your average 99 cone and, thus, 'unmeltable' ice cream was born.
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