Bear cub blinded in one eye receives TLC at animal shelter

An adorable bear cub took a morning walk with caretakers from Veles wild animal rescue centre in St. Petersburg, Sunday. The bear cub, named Dasha, was purchased by animal rights activists from a travelling circus in Chelyabinsk. The animal was reportedly mistreated by a circus tamer which left it blinded in one eye. Manager at Veles centre, Alexander Fedorov, explained how he came to care... Еще for the injured animal, saying: «Our good friend who happened to be passing by saw her [the cub] being tied to a truck. He called me to say he saw a bear cub being tied up, with an eye gouged out. There was neither water nor anything. He asked if we could take care of her. Of course, we would I said. I felt sorry [for her].» The incident reportedly took place on the Chelyabinsk-Ekaterinburg highway. Dasha is currently being treated at Veles centre and is already showing signs of recovery, playfully nuzzling her caretakers. The manager, however, says the chances of Dasha living outside of the rescue centre are slim. «No one really cares about these bears that's why they are likely to stay with us for good,» he said.

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