Bavarian bakery stocks vending machine with TOILET ROLLS amid coronavirus panic buying

The owners of a bakery in the small town of Schwabach, in northern Bavaria, decided to stock their pastry vending machine with toilet rolls, in a bid to help customers caught short by a surge in panic buying amid the coronavirus outbreak. «Some people are hoarding toilet paper, while others don't know where to get it when they urgently need it,» Manuela Farnbacher, owner of 'Die kleine... Еще Schleckerei' bakery, which is famous for its gingerbread, said on Saturday. Her colleague, baker Alfred, continued: «We have reacted very quickly and introduced solutions very quickly. Since the demand for bread has been very high especially at the weekend we thought it would be a good idea [to offer toilet paper] and so far it doesn't seem to bother anyone.» A lot of supermarket chains and small shops all across the world have begun limiting essential food and household item as coronavirus fears have caused customers to panic buy key items. One roll of toiler paper from the machine costs €1 ($1.08), with Alfred and Manuela saying that they have had to restock it multiple times. On Friday, March 20, Bavarian Minister President Markus Soeder announced an almost complete shutdown of public life, going into effect for at least two weeks. Bavaria is the first German state which has imposed a lockdown due to the current crisis. As of Saturday there are around 21,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany, with 73 deaths.

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