Barber born with no hands combing fame in Argentina

C/U Picking up razor M/S Cutting hair C/U Using Razor W/S Cutting hair M/S Cuting hair C/U Sytling with Razor M/S Cuting hair C/U Sytling with Razor C/U Sign Born without hands and one leg shorter than the other, Gabriel Heredia is living proof you can triumph over disability, footage filmed in Buenos Aires on Monday shows. When he was just fourteen, Gabriel decided he... Еще wanted to follow his mother’s calling as a hairdresser after watching her at work. He vowed he wouldn’t let his disability get in the way and started practicing on brave friends. “I give thanks for being born this way,” he said. And he has everyone reason to celebrate. He was recently named Best Barber in Argentina, doesn’t even charge his customers and broadcasts his fancy clipping online. He said, “At first I took it as a hobby, and afterwards I took it more seriously, when I saw that I liked it more and I started to cheer up, I liked it and now I love doing this, it's a passion for me.” His story has become an inspiration to others hoping to achieve their dreams.

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