Bangladesh: Following coronavirus guidelines proves difficult due to conditions at Cox’s Bazar camp

People living in Cox's Bazar's district Leda Camp were seen struggling to keep a safe distance as they gathered in crowded markets and waited for water on Sunday, as food aid has been running low due to the coronavirus outbreak. «As there is water crisis how will people maintain hygiene. So how will people follow the rules,» said local Abu Taher adding that some people are following the rules and... Еще some are not and that in some cases there are up to ten people living in one room. People could be seen queueing for water was well as walking through crowded alleys and market streets in the makeshift settlement to get food. «We need soap and clean water to keep ourselves clean. We are not getting enough food relief like before due to the lockdown. Well if you don’t work anyway and earn then how will we buy food and survive,» said local Fatema. The camp near Cox's Bazar is populated by Rohingya asylum seekers who fled there after Rohingya militants carried out a series of attacks against Myanmar security forces in 2017, leaving 12 police officers dead. The action triggered a crackdown by the Myanmar military, with widespread reports of indiscriminate killings, arson, looting and rape. More than 730,000 Rohingya fled the country. In December 2019 The Gambia filed a case in the International Court of Justice against Myanmar over accusations of genocide against the minority, seeking provisional measures to protect the rights of Rohingya people under the 1948 UN Genocide Convention. According to the latest data published by the Johns Hopkins University, Bangladesh reported 22,268 coronavirus infection cases and 328 related deaths.

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