Bad hombre: US deportees go viral with anti-Trump clothing brand

A group of Mexican nationals deported from the US, who launched their own anti-Trump clothing brand, provided a sneek-peak into the t-shirt printing business in their Mexico City headquarters on Tuesday. Deportados Brand member Ana Laura Lopez said the brand was formed some time after her deportation in September 2016, when she met with several other deportees and they had all agreed it was... Еще difficult to find a job. «We started selling sweets in the street for a few months and we sent out some t-shirts for people to identify us and in the street, people instead of buying sweets wanted to buy the shirts because they liked them and that's how Deportados Brand emerged,» she added. The group plans to raise enough money to support their families in the US, with the hope of eventually re-joining them. One of their t-shirt designs features Trump in a sombrero bearing the slogan: «Bad hombre.»

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