Babushka beauty queen shares healthy living tips: performing with pigs and a good diet

A 38-year-old grandmother from Saint Petersburg showed off her house in the city and revealed the secrets to her beauty on Monday. The family also live alongside two 80kg (175lbs) pigs called Napoleon and Josephine, who are also pretty beautiful. The family and their pets take part in costume performances of Petersburg's children. Elizaveta Rodina, who is proclaimed to be Europe's most... Еще beautiful grandmother after winning Mrs. Grandma Europe 2016 and then Mrs. Russia 2017, said that the secret is pretty simple. «I began to take care of myself more seriously, I'm on diet — I don't eat meat and fish, let's say that my nutrition is modest. I began to do jogging recently, also I added new complex exercises in my yoga program,» said Rodina. Rodina became a grandma last year when her daughter Anna, 19, who has also taken part in several beauty contests, gave birth to little Tamara.
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