Aye aye! Rare baby LEMUR born in North Carolina

A rare baby lemur known as an aye-aye was recently born at the Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina, in footage captured Wednesday. The newborn has been named after the best-selling mystery author Agatha Christie and is only one of 24 of her kind in existence in America. Young Agatha is the first aye-aye to be born at the Duke Lemur Center in six years. The aye-aye is an animal native to... Еще Madagascar and has rodent-like teeth and a long thin middle finger which it uses to find food in the wild. The animals are endangered on their native island due to logging and agriculture as well as many being killed by villagers who believe the aye-aye are an evil omen. The animal's long middle finger is particularly feared as being a sign of death when pointed at someone. Mandatory credit: Sydney Dye and the Duke Lemur Center
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