Austria: Viennese fear shift to the right ahead of parliamentary elections

Viennese enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon, one day ahead of the country's parliament elections, expressed their views regarding the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) and speculations of its taking part in the upcoming government. A Green Party voter, Barbara, considered the posibility of FPO entering the government a «huge problem». «I am quite certain there will be a coalition... Еще between OVP and FPO and I don't want my country to become more right-wing,» she added. Another resident of Vienna, Angelika, said she was more interested in the election campaigns this year, as she feared there would be «a swing to the right in Austria». A resident of Upper Austria Anton expressed his concern that «in some correlations, the social climate will be aggravated but the really big turnaround will not come up». In his opinion, strengthening the European Union is very important and «regionalism «has a high significance, that we take the regions serious with their own requests and needs». Austrian parliament elections will kick off on Sunday, October 15.

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