Austria: Manhunt in Vienna after knife attacker critically wounds three

Police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer confirmed that an ongoing manhunt was underway for the suspect of a stabbing attack in Vienna on Wednesday, who is still at large after seriously injuring three people outside a restaurant. «What we know is that the attacker is a man. Eyewitnesses have told us he had a knife with him. He escaped in the direction of the street Praterstern. This is what we... Еще currently know. The manhunt for the criminal is still ongoing, and it's our highest priority,» said Maierhofer. «Based on an eyewitness’ statements, a man has stabbed three people directly outside the restaurant behind me. All three victims have life-threatening injuries and are currently in a hospital,» he added. «There was a second stabbing attack soon after this attack, nearby Praterstern train station. We do not know yet if these two attacks relate to each other. We are investigating this issue,» said Maierhofer.

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