Austria: Jaafari rejects «not worth the ink» Syria peace proposal

Syria's UN permanent representative Bashar Jaafari rejected on Friday a draft proposal drawn up by the US, Jordan, Britain, France and Saudi Arabia for political solution in Syria. «This unofficial paper is rejected, every word and sentence. And it is not worth the ink that it is printed on because the people will not and do not accept solutions which come down on parachutes or on the backs of... Еще tanks,» said Jaafari following meetings at the Syrian Peace talks in Vienna. He also noted that the paper was prepared by countries, which «are partners in spilling Syrian blood.» According to reports, the paper had been presented to UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura calling for a new constitution that would dilute presidential powers in favour of a stronger parliament in Syria. It also calls for the withdrawal of all «foreign militias» from country before the elections. The current negotiations in Vienna will soon be followed by the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, prepared by Russia, Turkey and Iran, which is scheduled to be held in Sochi on January 29-30. Speaking about the expected congress, Jaafari said: «The goal for Sochi is a national Syrian-Syrian dialogue, without any outside interference.»

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