Austria: Hundreds take to Vienna streets ahead of new COVID-19 lockdown

Protesters gathered in front of the Austrian parliament and the federal chancellery on Saturday in Vienna to contest the impending new lockdown. The new measures have been introduced to contain the virus. Some of the demonstrators were wearing Halloween masks and costumes. A group of protesters stayed after the rally for the «last lockdown party,» with a sound system. Moritz, who took part at the rally, slammed the authorities for a lack of preparation for the second wave of disease, which, he says, caused the second lockdown. «They had six months to prepare for this situation now. It was absolutely clear, that a second wave will come. But the preparations in Austria have been zero. We did not prepare at all», Moritz stated. Physiotherapist Silvia, said she was most worried about restrictions of activities overnight. «For me, I am most afraid of the curfew, or of the restrictions to go out at night, from 8pm to 6am (local time; 19:00 — 05:00 GMT) Hotels and gastronomy will be closed down, and museums as well, I believe.» Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz announced a lockdown spanning from November 3 to the end of December, reportedly based on Germany's model. Kindergartens and schools are to remain open, but restaurants, hotels and culture and sporting events, are amongst some of the things that will be restricted during that time.

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