Austria: Barkindo 'optimistic' over OPEC conference on 30 November

Journalist (English): «Can you give us details on who these countries are and how many we can see at the November meeting? On top of the other ones?» Mohammed Barkindo, (English): «Because we are just in the process of inviting them, I think it would not be appropriate to invite them through the media. We will, when we formally issue the letters of invitation to this, we will share with you... Еще.» Journalist (English): «But you are hoping new ones (countries) will come to the November meeting? Mohammed Barkindo (English): «We are very optimistic» Secretary General of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mohammed Barkindo, told journalists that he is «optimistic» of non-OPEC countries accepting an invitation to a joint conference on 30 November, in Vienna, Tuesday. Stopping short of naming which countries would be invited, the OPEC Secretary General stated «they have seen over the past eight to nine months that it is a noble objective worth joining as producers and we have been receiving this request from several and we are now in the process of inviting them to join us in the OPEC-non-OPEC joint conference on the 30th.» Regarding an objection to the March 2018 deadline, Barkindo asserted that «I have not had, so far, any participating country that is violently objecting to extend the decision beyond March. What is being discussed is the duration of this approach.» Oil prices have risen the recent days to their highest level since the summer of 2015 over the implication of a widening corruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia, where dozens of princes, military leaders and ministers have been arrested. On November 30th OPEC will hold its 173rd ordinary meeting in Vienna, during which the member states of the organisation are expected to discuss a plan to extend the production cuts through 2018.

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