Australia: Far-right anti-African rally met with counter protests in Melbourne

Tensions ran high high as police struggled to keep a far-right rally and an antifa counter-demo apart in Saint Kilda beach near Melbourne on Saturday. Scores of mounted police, officers with shields, and helicopters were despatched to control protesters. Minor scuffles broke out, police pushed back far-right protesters using capsicum spray leaving at least one person injured. The far right... Еще rally which was organised by United Patriots Front (UPF) leaders Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson who sought to decry what they allege are «African gang problems.» «These African gangs are getting away with murder literally and it is wrong,» said a far-right protester while another attributed alleged African ."violence» to «their low IQ.» A counter-protester described the rally as «poorly-masked white supremacy.»

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