Australia: Cardinal Pell pleads not guilty to sexual abuse charges at first court hearing

M/S Cardinal Pell leaving hearing M/S Pell leaving M/S Crowd of media M/S Protesters with signs M/S Protesters with signs W/S Protester SOT, Protester (English): «The Catholic church lies, kills and robs, because that's what they do and they cover it up."M/S Protesters with signs SOT, Brian Cherrie, Anti-Pell protester (English): «Well everyones entitled to their fair day in court but this should... Еще've been brought on a long time ago and George, Cardinal George Pell says he's looking for his day in court, but so are the survivors."C/U SignsSOT, Alila Ralith, Protester (English): «The cover up of the Catholic Church and other institutions cannot be tolerated by anyone in the community and in the positions of power how they've managed to corrupt, lie and deceive the Australian people is an utter disgrace and my highest hope is that our children and tomorrow's children and tomorrow's children will not have to endure the type of stuff that I had to endure as a person, so my standing is for our descendants of tomorrow.» M/S Pell supporters with signs SOT, Caron Baxter, Pell supporter (English): «From what I saw I knew him a little bit as a kid, he was always nice to me, and i'm a bit worried there could be a little bit of a media witch hunt on Pell for this, and i'm like, you know innocent until proven guilty, i'm a bit worried in Australia it's guilty until proven innocent.» W/S Court SOT, Beverly Hasty, Pell supporter (English): «Just a wonderful man, a very good man, he's done a lot for Catholic education he would never have done any of this that he's being charged for, he is not that sort of a person, and so many people have benefitted from what he did for Catholic education.» W/S Police outside courthouse W/S Crowd outside court M/S Media outside court W/S Media outside court SCRIPTCardinal George Pell entered a plea of not guilty at Melbourne magistrates court, Wednesday in the first hearing of the case of multiple historical sexual abuse offences against him.Media, protesters and some supporters crowded outside the courthouse. One protester said he hoped that «tomorrow's children will not have to endure the type of stuff that I had to endure as a person.» A Pell supporter, Caron Baxter held a sign thanking Pell «for helping our family» and said she was worried about «a media witch hunt» stressing Pell was «innocent until proven guilty.» The magistrate ordered the prosecution serve a brief of evidence by September 8, 2017 and Pell to return ot the court for a committal mention on October 6. 76 year old Pell is Australia's most senior Catholic cleric. He has taken a leave of absence from his position as secretariat for the economy in the Vatican in order to fight the charges.

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