'Astronauts' prepare to populate simulated MARS colony in Poland

A team of six astronauts are to partake in a simulation of a two-week-long mission to the surfaces of the Moon and Mars near the town of Pila, Poland. The scientists who organised the simulation spoke to the press in Torun, Monday, introducing the mission and explaining the theory and practice behind it. The Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017, or PMAS 2017 as it is known, will see the... Еще volunteers stay inside the space module until August 13, with the first three days in 'lunar mode' before switching to prepare for the red planet. The simulation will be as complete as possible so the team can present its findings to those who are planning further space exploration, even down to time-delayed communications between the astronauts in the module attached to a nuclear hanger and their 25-strong team back on 'planet Earth,' 89 miles away in Torun. Experiments which will be carried out include 3D printing and the use of telesurgery, a form of robotic remote control surgery. «We have psychosocial dynamics, we have time perception experiments, we have mindfulness training,» added Sebastian Hettrich, a PMAS 2017 astrophysicist.
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