Artsy appetizers? 'Fruit and Vegetable Salad' exhibition kicks off in NYC

An art exhibition dubbed 'Fruits, Vegetables; Fruit and Vegetable Salad' by artist Darren Bader, opened at the Whitney Art Museum in New York City on Wednesday, allowing visitors to rejoice themselves in an interactive experience eating fresh fruits and vegetables put on display. Carrots, pumpkins, onions and cucumbers were displayed on wooden plinths, taking the central stage of Bader's work of... Еще art, before being turned into salads for munching visitors. Footage shows visitors being handed salads to try as they read and take pictures during the opening of the event. «My first impression is that the food is going to be wasted. I did not think It was going to be used,» said a visitor. The exhibition 'Fruits, Vegetables; Fruit and Vegetable Salad' can be visited from January 15 to February 17, 2020.

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