Armenia: Opposition leader Pashinyan calls for fair elections

Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian opposition leader (Armenian): «I want to underline that such topics were not a matter of the discussions and I think it is not right to speak about it.» Journalist (Armenian): «Was a name Pashinyan used in a context of a candidate of people's Prime Minister during the meeting? « Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian opposition leader (Armenian): «As far as I know, yesterday or a... Еще day before they stated that they were going to vote for me.» Journalist (Armenian): «Do you have any concerns about it?» Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian opposition leader (Armenian): «What kind of concerns? On the contrary, this is an opportunity to finally break through, this is a good chance for Armenia to develop rapidly.» Journalist (Armenian): «Do you think that RPA's program will not be accepted?» Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian opposition leader (Armenian): «It is obvious for everyone that fair elections are needed but election time and dates are still unknown. This decision cannot be made unilaterally, we should discuss it with other parliamentary fractions and with RPA and find a compromise option. But there is a more important principle — to make sure that we did everything we could to hold fair, people's elections. We should hold elections which will not give a reason to doubt them. They will be legitimate elections.» Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan began negotiations with parliamentary fractions in Yerevan on Monday calling for fair elections of country's Prime Minister. In order to be elected as a new Prime Minister Pashinyan has to gain 53 out of 105 MPs votes. Pashinyan said that it is an 'opportunity to finally break through,' adding it is a good chance for Armenia 'to develop rapidly'. Armenians have been on the streets since April 13, after the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) nominated former President Serzh Sargsyan for the prime minister's post. On April 23, Sargsyan stepped down after a few days in his new post, stating that «the street movement was against» him.

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