Armenia: Justice Minister Arutyunyan admits mass protests were mistake

Minister of Justice David Arutyunyan appeared to admit that the mass protests held in the country against former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan were mistake. He was speaking during a briefing in Yerevan on Saturday. «The basis for these mass protests is the monopolization of politics by one political party. We should not fall into the same trap again,» he said. «We should not just change from... Еще one monopoly to another. It should be a politically inclusive process. That’s the main result for our political party [RPA]. Now we clearly understand that this is the only way to move forward,» he also said. He added that peaceful demonstrations are acceptable and there is no plan to stop them with force. «Any country can move forward and develop normally in spite of protests only if all the issues are resolved at a political level,» Arutyunyan stated. Armenians have been on the streets since April 13, ever since the ruling RPA nominated former President Serzh Sargsyan for the prime minister's post. On April 23 the newly elected Prime Minister Sargsyan left his post, followed by celebrations from opposition supporters.

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