Argentine: Pro-life, pro-choice hold mass vigil as Senate votes on abortion law

Thousands of pro-life and pro-choice demonstrators have set up camp close to the Palace of Argentine National Congress in Buenos Aires as the Argentine Senate votes on the abortion decriminalisation bill on Wednesday. Adorned in blue kerchiefs and carrying banners, protesters from the 'Save The Two Lives' movement rallied against the proposal to legalise abortion. «I would tell the senators... Еще not to be afraid, that we support them,» a pro-life vigilante said. Pro-choice supporters, the ‘green tide’, on the other hand rallied for the right to legal, safe, and free abortion. «It is important because it is about the life of women, it is about the decisions of our body, it is about deciding when to be mothers,» a pro-choice vigilante said. The abortion bill asks for the practice to be legalised in all circumstances in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. It has already passed a vote in the lower house, despite being opposed by the Catholic Church and Argentinian-born Pope Francis. According to Amnesty International, unsafe abortion has been the cause of death of over 3,000 women in the last 25 years in the country.

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