Argentina: Unions mobilise against government on national patron saint's day

Unions brought thousands onto the streets of Buenos Aires on Wednesday, to protest President Mauricio Macri's government. The rally was held on the day of San Cajetan, the patron saint of Argentina and both bread and work. Demonstrators walked the length of Rivadavia Avenue and through the neighbourhood of Liniers, before reaching the Argentine Congress building. Several unions helped organise... Еще the event, including the Workers' Confederation of Popular Economy (CTEP), whose Secretary General Esteban Castro vowed to support candidates committed to social justice at the upcoming presidential election. «A government like this does not deserve the votes of any Argentinian citizen,» he said, while addressing the crowds. Wednesday's march was the fourth edition of the now annual San Cajetan march. This year's rally comes alongside an increase of unemployment and a rise in the level of poverty, which is at 35 per cent according to the Observatory of the Social Debt of the Catholic University.

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