Argentina: Union Jacks burn as Argentinians mark Falklands war anniversary

Protesters burned a Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom, during a protest in front of the British embassy in Buenos Aires on Monday, on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the Falklands War between Argentina and the UK in 1982. Protesters marched down the streets with signs and flags and advanced towards the British embassy, where a heavy police presence was guarding the entrance of... Еще the building. For Carlos Bertola, an activist of Quebracho group, the Macri government is deplorable for making agreement with the British government and forwarding policies that aimed to «de-Malvinize» the Falkland Islands — that were known as 'Malvinas' for the Argentinians — after the conflict broke between the UK and Argentina over the sovereignty of the islands. A former combatant who fought in the Falkland War, Norberto Covacevich, said that: «the war is not over and we are not dead, it is not the dead who fight, we are going to fight to the last, to the last drop of blood [we are going to fight] the pirates, long live the homeland.» The 'Falkland War' broke out in 1982 when Argentinian troops tried to reclaim the Latin American island territory from British rule. The war lasted ten weeks, with the UK sending both air and naval forces to defend their claim over the South Atlantic islands. The conflict ended on 14 June 1982, with Argentina surrendering and therefore returning the islands to British control.

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