Argentina: Thousands protest Macri in massive labour rally in Buenos Aires

Secretary General of the General Confederation of Labour (Spanish): «If they had a problem, I have enough balls to defend myself, no doubt nobody, neither the government nor those who accompany the government, I was in prison three times, twice in the dictatorship, when many of these gentlemen who are in this Government or close to the government, they were under the bed.» Thousands of... Еще Argentinians took to the streets in a massive demonstration led by Union leader Hugo Moyano protesting President Marci's market-friendly reforms on Wednesday. The protests were supported by the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) along with other labour unions and social organizations. Moyano declared: «We are men and women of work that we come to say to the Government, gentlemen do not continue to apply policies that not only hunger people.» Macri has faced a large opposition from left-wing groups and labour unions since his government enacted pension reforms in December 2017 in which the retirement age was raised from 65 to 70 for men and 60 to 63 for women.

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