Argentina: Thousands protest 'dictatorship' on 42nd anniv. of military coup

Thousands of people took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Saturday, to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of former military leader Jorge Rafael Videla's rise to power following a coup. The protest saw the participation of numerous leftist organisation members and leaders from all across the country, who all reached the Argentine capital to voice their opposition to «dictatorship.» Taty Almeida... Еще, Member of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, an association of mothers whose children disappeared during Videla's reign, said that the protesters marched «for adjustment, the repression and the impunity, for a democracy without prisoners and political prisoners like [leader of Tupac Amaru movement] Milagro Sala.» Videla came to power in 1976 after staging a coup against Isabel Martinez de Peron's government. He remained in power until March 29, 1981, when he was succeeded by Roberto Eduardo Viola. Videla died in 2013.

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