Argentina: Thousands of teachers mobilise against education reform

Thousands of teachers marched from the Argentinian Congress to the Education Ministry at the Pizzurno Palace in Buenos Aires, Monday, as part of a 48 hour strike to protest against proposed education reforms. The national strike, which saw school closed across the country on what should have been the first school day, was organised by the Confederation of Education Workers of the Argentine... Еще Republic (CTERA) and the Centre for Argentine Workers (CTA). «We will not allow the closure of night schools, the closing of rural schools, the closure of [educational] institutes, the closing of careers,» stated CTERA Secretary General Sonia Alesso. «We do not want to compete with Mexico, with Colombia for presenting more cheap labour, we want to compete for what we are, with pride, the children of October 17, the children of Cordoba, the children of social struggles and the sons of the working class,» added CTA Secretary General Hugo Yaski. Last week education unions rejected a 12 percent salary increase offer made by the government, claiming that it was insufficient and demanding a 24 percent increase instead.

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