Argentina: Thousands of protesting students flood to Buenos Aires' streets over educational reform

Thousands of students and teachers rallied through Buenos Aires, on Friday, to protest Argentinian President Mauricio Macri's suggested educational reform, as well as demand the return of missing political activist Santiago Maldonado. Among the unpopular reforms proposed by President Macri and his government, boys in their final year of school would be required to complete half a year of... Еще compulsory and unpaid work at private companies. There are complaints that the unpaid internship programme is exploitative and could interfere with the students' performance at school. Teacher and protester Maria Ines Recabriti also feared for the job security of teachers in Argentina. «In addition to the education and training of our children, teaching positions are put at risk as it is not known what will happen to them when they are replaced by a computer or perhaps an assistant,» she said.

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