Argentina: Thousands of protesters and riot police face off in Buenos Aires

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Tuesday to demand the government of Mauricio Macri increase the monthly food rations provided to welfare recipients. Footage shows tensions quickly rose after protesters blocked the main road through the city as they marched towards the Ministry of Social Development. Riot police formed a line to push back the protesters and could... Еще be seen dragging one man through the street. One woman was seen crying on the ground while another man was taken away in a police car. Dario Orellano, from the State Workers Association, said that «we came to demand from Minister Stanley more food rations, more work and the truth: that we are being squeezed by the national government who say that if we continue insisting on this claim they will cut directly all the monthly food rations.» Demonstrations such as this are common in Argentina, as years of high inflation during the Macri administration has led to dramatic increases in the cost of basic commodities.

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