Argentina: Thousands gather in Buenos Aires to denounce proposed 2019 budget

Thousands of protesters gathered in front of the Argentinian National Congress in Buenos Aires on Tuesday to protest against the government's proposed budget for 2019, accused of harming economically vulnerable sectors of society. The main protest was in front of the National Congress and saw the participation of the Evita Movement, the Confederation of Workers and the Popular Economy (CTEP... Еще), the Clasista Combativa Current (CCC) and the Popular Front Dario Santillan among other organisations. «What this budget is going to bring is more hunger, a bigger lack of budget for health, for education. We are all claiming this and asking that the government does not turn a deaf ear,» activist Ricardo Fernandez said. «Today we come to claim a food emergency because the truth is that in the neighbourhoods the lack of food can no longer be sustained,» dining room worker Claudia Lito said. The Lower House is reportedly scheduled to debate on the 2019 Budget on Wednesday. Argentina has been struggling economically with the Argentine peso losing half of its value since the start of the year and an inflation rate predicted to reach 40 percent. In September, the Argentine government secured a record-breaking €49 billion ($57 bn) rescue package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), though many are strongly opposed to IMF involvement in the country's affairs as they view the organisation as responsible for Argentina's financial collapse 17 years ago.

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