Argentina: Thousands gather for Pride parade in Buenos Aires

Thousands filled the streets of Buenos Aires to participate in the Pride Parade on Saturday. In a route that went from the Plaza de Mayo to the National Congress, a caravan of trucks followed by the crowd was convened under the slogan “For a country without institutional or religious violence. Enough hate crimes.” Footage shows participants going to celebrate wearing colourful clothes, carrying... Еще the rainbow flag and images of political leaders such as the newly elected president, Anibal Fernandez, his vice president Cristina Fernandez and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner. “I believe that with the new government it will implement better things because as the president also has a son from the same community (LGBT+), I believe that better things will be implemented and he will support this community much more,” said Jhonatan Rodríguez, one of the participants. Another of the attendees, Karen Russo, expressed her hopes in the new Government: «We talked about moving from a government that thought people in diversity were sick to a government that takes us all into account.» Among the demands of the organizing group of the Pride Parade are the legal, safe and free abortion for pregnant women, the update of the HIV Law, a new law against discrimination and the application of comprehensive sexuality education.

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